Wedding day instructions

The day has come and soon the time will come when you will say your fateful I do!

You organized your own wedding, did everything that was necessary, and from worrying about how everything will look in the end, you don’t know if you can’t wait for everything to pass or for a joyful procession to start and indulge in fun.

It may not have been fun to yell at other relatives or calculate who can sit at the same table, but on your wedding day the last thing you need to do is ask yourself if you made a good decision or forgot something.

You don’t know if the decoration will be exactly as you imagined and you are also worried about the freshness of the flowers, whether the hairdresser will do the agreed work, what time to leave without being too early or too late – there are many doubts and questions in your head. You’ve done the whole organization yourself, and if something goes wrong, it’s your responsibility. This is a pressure that you should definitely avoid or at least alleviate on the wedding day itself. If you have not hired the Agency and you have decided to reluctantly accept the job of organizing the wedding, it does not mean that you should remain in the role of organizer.

So, take a deep breath and jump into your new shoes. You are getting married today and nothing else matters but good fun and your own sense of love If you are happy the people around you will be too.

Get up carefully on your right leg, have a long peaceful breakfast and look forward to everything that is coming. The most important thing to remember is – it’s your day and you have the main role.

Because at the end of the day, in those tiny morning hours while the food is circling the tables, few will be petty. So the only advice you need to follow is that you don’t have to do anything on your wedding day! Absolutely nothing. Just leave it in the hands of the professionals you hired, enjoy the pampering from the hands of the hairdresser, make-up artist and just enyjoy your special day!

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