How it works?

At WEDDING2BOOK our purpose is to help people find great online network connecting wedding suppliers and wedding couples who use those suppliers.


Create a profile

Create a profile showcasing your services, with the possibility of adding photos, videos and prices.


Couples search

Couples find the vendors by category and wedding venues.


We are a unique digital platform in Croatia which acts as an online intermediary between the future newlyweds and vendors with personalised profiles

We are oriented to the area of the whole of Europe and beyond

We want to present Croatia as a leading tourist destination for weddings

We guarantee our daily presence on all social media

We offer simple tools for your search

We invest in google adwords and SEO optimization in order to be visible to a targeted audience outside of Croatia

We provide our users with discounts for all categories in the last minute wedding section

By searching the vendor profiles, users are able to connect directly to the vendor’s official website

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