How to decorate more with less

Dressing in the morning is the result of our mood or the intention to change the same mood. If you make a mistake one day in choosing or matching a clothing combination, no one will resent you.

Decoration, however, can leave more lasting consequences, at least due to the fact that for financial reasons it is not easy to change, so it is possible that it will be part of a space for a long time.

If you have decided to do the entire design, decor and floral arrangements yourself for your wedding, then we suggest that you choose a decoration that you will later skillfully fit into any interior.

You no longer have to blindly follow the rule that all vases, candlesticks and decorative details must be of the same materials, colors or shapes. Choose wisely, by no means spontaneously, but think carefully about where a particular item will find its permanent place after the wedding.

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